• Roberta Wesley

    When viewing the works of Roberta Wesley, you are instantly aware of the striking spectrum of her subject matter. Pastoral scenes, gentle remembrances and romantic nostalgia somehow co-exist with waves of rampant elephants and tigers flying through lightning drenched skies. The creative diversity of her portfolio is evidence of the intense enthusiasm that fuels her artistic vision. She is an artist actively exploring and seeking to communicate life’s many expressions and viewpoints.

    She was born to rural schoolteachers in the small town of Happy, Texas and finished her first painting at age 12. She studied drama at West Texas State University, art at the University of Texas, and received her degree in art from Texas Woman’s University. Graduate work later continued at North Texas University.

    After experimenting with many different mediums and styles she settled upon alkyds. Alkyds allow great play with light and may also be richly worked in detail, among the artist’s fascinations. The light bathing Wesley’s canvasses illumines them, creates a glow. Her technique is controlled, yet mysterious.

    Roberta’s originals grew in demand through her associations with some of the finest galleries in the United States. Although grateful for this long awaited recognition, she began to see success as both a blessing and a curse. There seemed to be constant pressure to produce the same most popular subjects again and again. A solution to this problem came through the publishing of reproductions on paper and canvas. This allows her freedom to spend the time needed to fully develop and detail subjects that interest her, and then move on to the excitement of new inspiration.

  • CJ Latta

    C.J. Latta is a native Texan, born and raised in Fredericksburg, a member of a fifth generation ranching family.

    After earning a Master of Arts Degree, Latta spent years as an artist and illustrator, including thirteen years as an award-winning medical illustrator and animator for Dr. Denton Cooley in the Houston medical center. In 2001, Latta returned to Fredericksburg to her grandfather’s ranch, where she now paints fulltime in her studio on Landrum Creek.

    Her subjects are truly Texan, and she prefers large, mural size canvases. She is represented by Fredericksburg Art Gallery in Fredericksburg, and by Prellop Fine Art Gallery in Salado. Her work has appeared in Southwest Art, Art of the West, Art Talk, Sports Afield, Wildlife Art News, and Country Lifestyle. She has been a Federal Duck Stamp finalist and a nominee for Texas State Artist of the Year.

  • Analeslie Muncy

    Analeslie Muncy has had an interest in painting since childhood. Her first painting was of her horse, Belle. Growing up in Fort Worth, Texas, she studied oil painting during her junior high and high school years in a youth program offered by the Fine Arts Department of Texas Christian University. She also took private lessons in oil painting during that same period. In addition to her interest in painting, Analeslie has an enduring love of music, which led her to study voice at the University of Texas in Austin where she received a Masters Degree in Music.

    She became sidetracked from the arts to attend law school. While pursuing a career as an attorney, Analeslie maintained her interest in painting and began experimenting with acrylics, which is now her favorite medium. After practicing law for 35 years, she has begun painting full time.

    The subject matter of Analeslie’s paintings is greatly influenced by her upbringing in Fort Worth, Texas, where she showed horses and was immersed in the Cowtown culture.

  • Timothy Sens

    The renaissance talent of Timothy Sens are beautiful expressions of artistic style that is immediately recognized as a unique and personal statement of line, texture and form. Timothy is an accomplished artist in the areas of jewelry design and fine art photography. His career as an artist spans some 40 years and includes owning and operating a gallery of fine jewelry for 10 of these years, showcasing primarily his own designs in Boulder, Colorado, where he resided until 2003.

    Timothy’s interest in photography began in the early 70’s. As his skill in creating precious gold an gemstone jewelry grew, Timothy found that he needed a photographic record of the unique jewelry that he produced for a growing clientele. Being self taught as a jeweler, he felt confident that he could master photography as well, often using outdoor settings as a backdrop for photographing his jewelry. As a result, Timothy gained a deeper appreciation for the natural world as seen through his discriminating camera lens.

    He states:

    “What is intriguing and rewarding is how the mediums of jewelry and photography encompass form, texture, color and composition. I thoroughly enjoy weaving in and out of these art forms, each enhancing the other.”

    Timothy currently resides with his wife Elyse in the hill country of Austin, Texas.

  • Travis Megason

    Travis Megason was born in Texarkana, Texas. He graduated from UT with a Doctor of Dentistry and has been married to his wife Carolyn for thirty-eight years. Carolyn and Travis have two children Kimberly and Sean, son-in-law Richard, daughter-in-law Bernadine, two grandsons Fletcher and Noah. As a dentist specializing in restorative and cosmetic dentistry, he was often focused on fine details. This focus helps with his subsequent pursuits.

    Art has always been an important part of Travis’s life first oil painting and then watercolors. He also likes to use his hands to do woodturnings and to design and build knives. Travis has been active members in such art groups as the Four State Regional Art club, the Picassas, Southwest Watercolor Society, the Artists of Dripping Springs, and the Bunkhouse Gang at Wenmohs Ranch. Following is a brief statement of his artistic philosophy:

    “Artist are often the dreamers that promote change in our social and cultural lives as well as chroniclers of our actions or lack thereof. Our art can be expressed through many media, styles, and subject matters. Watercolor is spontaneous and unpredictable, and that excites my artistic nature. Further watercolors inherent luminosity and flexibility in application and textures enhance my ability to express my subjects. As artists we not only endeavor to trick the eye but must attempt to stimulate the mind and spirit!”

  • Robin Hegemier

    Robin Hegemier specializes in watercolor, acrylic, collage, and stained glass art. She lives in the Dripping Springs, Texas with her husband and two boys. Robin, born Feb. 4 1961, has lived in Texas since birth and has been painting since she was a young girl. “I took every art and drawing class I could fit into my schedule. My high school drafting teacher convinced me I’d never make a living in the art field, so I chose to study mechanical drafting in college instead of art.” After many years of working in the engineering field, then teaching, and even stand-up comedy, she has turned her creativity into an art career now spanning 25 years. Robin’s paintings are primarily representational. Her subjects include landscapes, animals, and botanical themes. Currently, she’s working on her “Barnyard Brawl” series featuring various four legged residents of Central Texas ranches and farms as well as “Trees and Their Seasonal Wardrobes” series “When others view my work, I want them to feel a sense of ease or fun in the painting. At the same time, I want to draw them into the art with a curious desire to look a little closer. My personality is straight forward and happy, so most of my painting reflects that as well. Although most of my pieces are representational, I enjoy incorporating a bit of an abstract slant, bold colors, or a sense of amusement into my paintings. My favorite mediums are watercolor, acrylic, and collage. I’m captivated by the movement of the paint and the depth and texture collage adds to the surface. Although most of my work has an organic feel to it, I enjoy the freedom to experiment with different subjects, mediums, and styles. This painting approach not only keeps me on the creative edge, but allows me to offer a variety of artwork to perspective clients.”

  • Michael Penn Smith

    I've been a “Vision Worker” for most of my life, first in still photography and for over 3 decades in motion photography, shooting film and video, and operating many tools of movement, especially the Stanton Triangle Jib. As a Jib owner-operator, I'm experienced with live concerts, music videos, reality shows, business theater, sports, doc, features and episodic tv.

    Now I’m enjoying returning to still photography for livelihood, and also exploring the power of photography for creative expression and for sharing human experience. When shooting I’m aiming to unveil that extraordinary reality, that glimmers beneath the ordinary.

    To see a world in a grain of sand

    And a heaven in a wild flower

    Hold infinity in the palm of your hand

    And eternity in an hour

    --William Blake

  • Andrea Flores

    Andrea Flores was bom in Osorno Chile in 1975. She showed interest in arts at a very young age. She enjoyed participating in school workshops and won first place in the regional pictorial contest known as "The Environment." By then, she had already had collective shows and later opened "Torre Tintoretto" in Pto. Varas, Chile, a very successful art gallery.

    Andrea's motivation took her much further which led her to Mexico in 1998. In San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, she studied painting with Margarette Dawit, Carmen Cereceda, Keith Keller and at the Instituto Nacional de Bellas Artes. In México City she studied with the artist Rigel Herrera.

    Ms. Flores is one of the founders of the creative design company now called "Finca Home", where she collaborated with the fírst decorative designs. During 2002 she worked in the transference of a mural, from canvas to the wall, by the well known artist Carmen Cereceda in the lobby of the Angela Peralta Theater, in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.

    Andrea Flores has had several solo and collective shows in both México and Chile.

  • Lucelle Raad

    In a fast-paced, computerized world that is often dehumanizing, Lucelle Raad's works evoke an intimacy and sensitivity unique in the world of art. She celebrates the life of the child. Her style and palette are distinctive. Her vision is the wonder of children. Pensive moments, secrets shared, a helping hand, simple play. These are among the elements of life she portrays. There is joy, discovery, wonderment.

    Lucelle employs a high key palette that is bright and active. Colors seem to change as you watch. Her acrylic medium is well matched to her compositions. She concentrates on movement and action rather than precise detail. Her bold brush strokes possess a sketch-like quality. A passing glance at the dozen or so works in progress propped helter-skelter around her studio suggests the multiplicity of her vision. In one, a fledgling artist perfects his masterpiece in chalk on pavement. In another, two boys on a beach point seaward, picturing the day when they can join the crew of a sailboat on the horizon. In a third, a ten-year old girl, knees pressed to chin, dreams the innocent dreams of childhood.

    If asked why she paints children exclusively, Lucelle is quick to reply: "I find unending satisfaction in combining my artistic interest in the figure with my emotional interest in children. There is more expression in an offhand gesture by a small child, than in all the posturings of our adult world."

  • The Old Masters

    A varied Collection of works by the old masters - mostly american. Including Audubon, Bierstadt, Church, Cassatt, Hassam, Homer, Remington and many others. No particular display order. This is only a small sampling of available images. If you have a special request please contact us at (512)516-4502 or email art@wesleyprints.com. *NOTE* many of the originals were not created in modern standard sizes. Your reproduction may be slightly larger than your size choice.